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about us


Since the 1840s when cooperative initiative berthed in Europe, the world has come to realize that a group that is formed to protect the economic interest of members, reduce poverty and generate employment opportunities should attract the greatest of membership patronage.

In 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari took office, he made it crystal clear that revamping the nation’s Agricultural sector would be a major focus. Four and half years after, there is no doubt that he has delivered extensively on that promise and yet it is still work in progress. The focus has shifted to Agriculture across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Many citizens have returned to the farm, taking advantage of the various agricultural incentives, programs and policies made available by the government.

While this is so, it is also a fact that many more citizens are not effectively involved and benefiting directly from the agricultural revolution. Therefore the huge potential of Agriculture as a force for economic emancipation and poverty alleviation is still very much un-utilized and under-utilized. Hence the cries of hunger, hardship and poverty in the land in the midst of plenty resources and opportunities.

Agriculture goes beyond farming or cropping. The entire Nigerian Agricultural Value Chain is vast and worth Billions of Naira. Incidentally, while so many people have gone into Farming, Cropping, Animal Husbandry etc, the Processing aspect of the Agricultural Value Chain remain largely untapped.

While there have been giant strides made in crop production by our farmers, there is still unacceptable high prices of food and processed farm produce in the market.

It is in view of these above that a group of patriotic Nigerians, inspired by the transformational Agricultural policies of the Buhari Administration, bothered by the vast number of people (young and not so young alike) in need of financial and material assistance, also knowing the power and efficacy of collective action, in line with the ‘Ubuntu’ philosophy of ‘I am because we are’ have taken the initiative to register and launch a brand new Cooperative Society called PROGRESSIVES AGRO-ALLIED COOPERATIVE SOCIETY (PACS) LTD, whose main focus will be Agro-processing.

Why Agro Processing?
i. Being aware that many of our comrades and fellow progressives are already into farming, cropping and animal production either as individuals or cooperatives as stated above, we chose to take a different focus.
ii. To give leverage to an aspect of the agricultural value chain that is currently under served and under exploited.
iii. To exploit the huge potentials in this area of agricultural value chain for the benefit of the many unemployed citizens, Farmers and Investors.
iv. To be an alternative force of patriotic citizens engaged in the Agro processing business in Nigeria in order to counter the unscrupulous elements and economic saboteurs who have contributed in making food expensive.

PACS is an outstanding effort to take advantage of the teeming number of patriotic citizens across the nation. It is a creative venture to turn opportunities into wealth, using integrity, information and vast connection available.

It is a unique attempt to turn the positive and negative energy expended daily to a productive venture and ultimately empower with integrity.

It is walking the talk and it is open to and offers opportunities for all.

our mission
our vision
our core values
our mission

Our cherished mission is to work with progressive minded Nigerians to create a seamless Agro-allied
cooperative businesses and networks that brings about members growth in a prosperous and equitable

our vision

PACS envisions a democratically driven and just economy where members will have equal opportunity
to fulfil their needs and aspirations.

our core values

We hinged PACS values on Integrity


PACS Major Team

Below are Pacs Major Team